Xavier Andre Justo was born in 1966 and started his banking career in 1987 at UBS in Geneva.

In 1998, he cofounded an asset portfolio management company in Geneva with branches in Paris and Luxembourg

After having sold his company in 2009 he moved to London in 2010 and was the Director of International Business Development of Petrosaudi until April 2011.

In 2011, he relocated to Thailand, where he started a real estate company until 2015.

Xavier in 2015 leaked the data that eventually exposed one of the biggest financial scams in history and the largest asset seizure in the US, according to the US Attorney General.

Major law firms and banks were involved in this financial crime and subject to fines and penalties, including a three billion dollar fine for Goldman Sachs and the revoking of BSI bank license.

Xavier spent 18 months in a Thai jail under false charges for exposing the truth.

After his release, he has been helping different countries with the 1MDB-PETROSAUDI financial crime.

He is a key speaker at major conferences worldwide with a focus on financial crimes, banking, compliance, and ethics.

He has been nominated as the whistle-blower of the year by Constantine Cannon in 2020.

He was a short-listed candidate for the prestigious Allard Prize for Integrity in 2021.

Xavier is also the writer of RENDEZVOUS WITH INJUSTICE, written with his wife, which describes the incredible story of this gigantic financial crime.